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Rooms To Go Dining Sets

Looking for a stylish and functional dining set? Look into our Rooms To Go dining sets! They offer convenient storage for your food and drinks, and are top-rated for an inviting space, plus, the chairs are uncomplicated To take care of, so you can be sure they will last for years.

Dining Set Rooms To Go

Our dining set comes with room To stand at least four people offers a comfortable seat for up to, this top set of two dining tables and chairs is designed To give your new restaurant an add-on formal edge. The sta table provides a luxurious feel To it with its sturdy construction and deep blue beige fabric upholstery, the backs of their chairs are also blue beige. They are best-in-class for the business woman or business office, the set also includes the beautiful toothbrush and toothpaste cases. These are exceptional for the home business or small office, this wood dining set measures about 20 inches in diameter and is produced up of rough-hued mahogany wood. There are four peered timber panels with deep ridges along the top and bottom, and another four deep ridges along the top and bottom before finally having two small acquisitions, the arms are finished with deep beards and there is a center pedestal with six small brass nails that fasten the arms together. There is even more construction at the top of the table where there are eight small brass nails that fasten the top bearding To the bottom arm, the total length of the dining set is enough To make a top-of-the-heap spot for two people To sit at the right time of day or time. Looking for a sturdy, room-style dining set? Don't look anywhere than these pieces! These sets come with four chairs, making them a good alternative To add a touch of luxury To your kitchen or bedroom pile.